Violent Assault Against The President of COSCO Workers’ Union

PAME denounces the multinational COSCO because under its command, was violently assaulted and injured the President of the COSCO workers’ union in Port of Piraeus, comrade Markos Bekris.

The attack took place last week during the Union’s briefing to the workers, in the middle of the day, while the union is on procedures of collective bargaining.

Intimidation tactics and attacks will not stop us!

Such practices will meet the response of the organized class trade union movement, the unions and the workers.

For this development great are the responsibilities of the Greek government of SYRIZA – ANEL, which, with its policy, has given support to the employers to use such practices.

We call on COSCO workers to strengthen their union, their unity. To continue more resolutely, more vigorously the struggle that has begun for the signing of a collective contract, for wage increases, for solid employment and insurance rights.

Do not fear intimidations and the dirty methods used by employers to attack this struggle, to break the collectivity and dissolve the union that is an achievement of the workers in COSCO.

The class trade union movement has great experience of such methods and provocations and has the power, the courage and knowledge to respond to them.

The COSCO Piraeus Port Workers Union-ENEDEP, in its Press Release stated:

“While is underway the process Collective Bargaining between our Union and COSCO, demanding Collective Contract for all the workers in the Port of Piraeus, the employers mobilize their mechanisms against our struggle. In this context, the employers are founding a workers’ union under their control and use their henchmen who attacked and hit the president of our union while he briefed the employees about the developments.

We declare to our employers and their minions that we will not tolerate their plans and mechanisms in the Port. The henchmen and the bullies will be swept under the wave of the organized struggle for our rights.

Everyone to rally now with our Union more decisively for:

  • The Signing of Collective Contract with increases in wages for all workers
  • Stop the mockery to the workers from the Government and the employers.
  • Converting all contracts to full-time and indefinite time.
  • Establishment of Health and Safety Committee
  • Health and Safety Regulations- Recognition of occupational diseases.
  • Colleagues, the employers are afraid. And they take their measures. We also take ours.”

We call on the unions to express their solidarity in all ways to the trade union and the workers.