Common Declaration of European and Mediterranean Trade Unions Against the Imperialist Intervention in Syria

Common Declaration of

European and Mediterranean Trade Unions

Against the Imperialist Intervention in Syria

We strongly condemn the US, British and French imperialist assault, with the support of NATO and the European Union, against Syria.

We express our international solidarity with the Syrian people who are facing the sufferings of the 7-year war and have mourned thousands of people dead.

We denounce the fabricated evidence and pretexts used by the imperialists to launch wars and interventions such as the wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The situation is dangerous. Competitions of big business groups and capitalist states for gas and oil, energy lines and markets’ control are escalating. These are the basis of imperialist wars.

We resist! We Rise Up!

The peoples have nothing to divide between them. They are united by their common interests against the common enemy, the exploiters, their political representatives, the imperialist alliances, NATO and the EU.

The working class, their peoples and their children have a great power in their hands which can be released on the path of class struggle, the struggle for the right to jobs, wages and pensions, social rights, against the change of borders, against the imperialist wars and interventions.

With our struggles, we are demanding a peaceful life in a society without exploitation, poverty, refugees and wars.

We honor International Workers’ Day, May 1st, with strikes and big demonstrations

We Continue And Escalate Our Struggles!

The First List of Unions


Bosnia Herzegovina -Independ Trade Union Of Workers In Financial Institutions


Czech Republic-OSCMS

Denmark-Brick Layers Branch in the North of Jutland.

France – UD.CGT des Bouches du Rhône

France-Front Syndicale de Classe



Italy – USB



Spanish State- Intersindical CSC

Spanish State- Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (C.U.T.)

Spanish State – AST, Alternativa Sindical de Trabajadores

Spanish State- CSU de Pensionistas y Jubilados, del estado español


Sweden-SEKO Klubb 111

Turkey-Nakliyat Is