STOP IMPERIALISM-Solidarity with the Workers and the People of Venezuela

Workers in Greece from the PAME strike rallies on May 1st we send a message of condemnation of the dirty USA-EU, and their allies intervention in Venezuela and the coup attempt to overthrow the elected president of the country.

This development in Venezuela comes only a few days after the provocative statements of the US Security Adviser, Bolton against the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, which characterized these countries as a «troika of tyranny» and «threats to security in the region». Those who have shed the blood of the peoples speak hypocritically about «democracy» and «freedom» so as to impose their interests in the context of the rivalries of imperialist centers.

The attempted coup against the Venezuelan people took place with the open US-EU support. A dangerous role, however, seems to have been played by the Greek government, SYRIZA, who just before the coup attempt held a meeting with a representative of the coup organizers.

This is imperialism. Dictatorships, interventions, wars and refugees with the people always the victim.

The workers of Greece from the PAME rallies of 1st of May, the International Workers’ Day, of the struggle to overthrow exploitation and imperialism, we express our solidarity with the workers and the people of Venezuela, with the right of every people to decide themselves for their lives and their future.