Solidarity with the strike of the workers of France on February 5

The class-oriented trade union movement in Greece, PAME, is standing on the side of the workers and the militant trade unions of France for their strike on the 5th of February.

The workers in France are fighting against the high cost of living, for real increases in the wages, to defend Social Security, against the anti-workers’ laws and the increasing state repression and police state against the popular demonstrations.

No matter how many «social dialog» sessions they organize, in France or in Greece, the workers in both countries, we know that only through the organized, class-oriented struggle against the large business groups, the UE and the governments that serve them, we can stop the anti-workers’ attack and claim our rights.

Only through the class struggle we can pave the way for a future where us, the workers, will enjoy the wealth we produce.

PAME expresses its solidarity with the strike of the workers of France.