Secretariat of the Migrants of PAME: All together in the strike demonstration on May 1st (in English, Bangla, Arabic)

1ST MAY 2018:
Against exploitation and imperialistic war for the final victory of the peoples

Greeks and migrants

All together in the strike demonstration at 10 am in Syntagma

By strengthening the organization and unity of Greek and migrants’ workers, we honor the 1st of May, the International Day of the working class.We honor all those who gave their lives for 8hour workday in order to have rights to work and life. We continue on the path that was opened for a life in a world without exploitation, without wars and refugees.

The Labor May Day of 2018 find us faced with dangerous developments that bring closer the risk of a generalized imperialist war, such as the recent bombing in Syria by the US – Britain – France war hawks with the support of the imperialist alliances of NATO and the EU.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government participates in the imperialist plans on behalf of local business groups, in the competitions and contradictions that have been intensified in the region. It concedes land and water to US –NATO, to the murderers of the peoples, to those responsible for the uprooting and refugee and hypocritically expresses words of sympathy for those drowning in the sea or those who have been trapped and squeezed for months in the island identification centers.

Following an invitation of government on the pretext the refugee, the NATO war machine is located in the Aegean while our country is even working militarily, it conducts ordinary exercises with Israel that murders daily Palestinian civilians and young children.

Their fairy tales that they are not involved in imperialist interventions like on “fair development” do not convince anyone.

While the government is cultivating false expectations, it is preparing a new anti-labor package to close the 4th assessment. The development for the profits of business groups cannot be in our interests, for the Greek and migrants workers, it is not “fair”, on the contrary, it requires long-term memoranda, the depth of our exploitation in modern galleys, factories, construction, recycling, ships, cleaning crews, hotel groups, farms and capitalist enterprises in the agricultural sector.

Our only choice is to thicken the trade union lines everywhere. Only with our organization and the strengthening of class oriented struggle, we can defend our rights. To create conditions for our benefit way out, for the prospect, the abolition of exploitation.

Workers of all countries have a common enemy, our exploiters who harvest the wealth that we produce. We have nothing to divide between us.

  • We demand the country’s disengagement from NATO imperialist plans and interventions. Release from NATO and the EU.
  • No change of borders and the conditions that guarantee them.
  • To close the bases of death. To leave NATO out of the Aegean.
  • Unlocking refugees and migrants from the Aegean islands and the country. Creating human, temporary and open host countries.
  • Not in the hate of nationalists. We isolate the criminals, murderers, Nazis of the Golden Dawn.

We will not be modern slaves for boss profits!

We demand increases in wages and day-wages. No worker without collective agreements, none under 751 basic salary, no worker uninsured, health and safety measures in the workplaces.

The fiery slogan that was born in great struggles and labor uprisings leads us today more than ever:

Proletarians of all countries unite!

Long Live May Day

Long Live the International Working Class

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