PAME: We Support Venezuelan People’s Struggle to live in their Country without Exploitation and Interventions

The All Workers Militant Front (PAME) condemns the USA-EU and their allies’ intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

The operation of imposing a new «banana republic» in Venezuela is a terrible repetition of the bloody coups made with the support of the USA in Greece, Chile, Argentina, Brazil etc. To promote their imperialist plans, US-NATO-EU, support openly coup d’état, proceed to military threats and other measures against the Venezuelan people.

This proves how dangerous is Tsipra’s friend, the «diabolically good», USA President Trump, and how dangerous it is to promote «NATO’s peace» in the Balkans.

It also demonstrates the dirty and dangerous role of trade unions in the service of imperialism, such as the ITUC’s Confederation in Latin America (CSA), which on the one hand condemns the coup, but on the other calls for «talks» with the forces that organized Guaidó’s coup d’état.

In the attack of imperialism, in its wars and interventions for change of borders, and non-accepted governments, militant-class unions support the indisputable right of every people to decide for themselves on their present and future.

PAME expresses its solidarity and support in the struggle of the Venezuelan people to live in their country without exploitation and interventions.