PAME: Solidarity with the Strike Of Workers of Italy on March 25

PAME, a member of the WFTU, expresses its solidarity with the Italian workers’ strike on March 25. Workers in Italy go on strike, against pressure from industrialists to continue their profitability during the pandemic of Covid-19, endangering the lives of the workers.

Italian workers are on strike demanding the protection of their lives as a number of unnecessary industries and businesses have not suspended their operation despite the thousands of dead, endangering both the lives of the workers themselves and of the people generally as workplaces that gather thousands of workers can be centers for the dispersing of the pandemic. Workers’ lives and health cannot be put in the balance of profit.

The workers paid the consequences of the crisis, they will not pay the consequences of the pandemic. Workers will not die for the profits of the industrialists.

The class unions of Greece we support the rightful demands of the Italian workers for the protection of their lives and the health of the people and their strike on March 25.