PAME: Solidarity with All India General Strike on 8-9 January

PAME, representing the class trade union movement of Greece, expresses its Solidarity with the All India Strike on 8-9 January.

In India, the «Development» referred to by the Monti Government, with the accumulation of immense wealth in the hands of a minor minority, is based on the brutal exploitation and misery of millions of workers and farmers in the country.

The two-day strike on 8-9 January, in the organization of which is leading the trade union members of the WFTU, is a continuation of the major struggles and strikes of previous years against the anti-workers’ policy of the Monti Government. Indian workers claim increases in wages and pensions, job creation, Public and Universal Social Security, stop privatization, and protect labor and trade union rights.

PAME expresses the Solidarity of the Class Trade Union Movement of Greece and supports the fair demands of the workers of India