PAME Protest – STOP the Imperialist Crime Against Palestine

A protest demonstration was organized by PAME at the Israeli embassy in Athens, in the afternoon of Thursday, July 19th against Israel’s continued murderous attacks on the Palestinian people.

Workers, women, students who participated, denounced the new killings of the Palestinians by Israel, which are part of the escalation of wider rivalries and conflicts of the imperialist centers in the region.

PAME’s banners featured the slogan “Stop the Murderous State of Israel – Solidarity with the Palestinian People” written in Greek and Arabic.

The protesters also denounced the huge responsibilities of the SYRIZA-ANEL government of Greece, which advertises its cooperation with the murderer-state of Israel. Also, they denounced the huge mobilization of police forces, for the “protection” of the Israeli embassy by the protesters.

The class trade union movement of Greece, under the flags of PAME and WFTU expressed their solidarity in the just struggle of the heroic Palestinian people.


PAME’s speech in front of the Israeli embassy:

We are here to state that PAME, the class unions of Greece were, are and will always be firmly on the side of the heroic people of Palestine.

We are here because in the past days, Israel has launched new murderous attacks against the Palestinians, unleashed by the international support and tolerance of the US – NATO – EU and governments, such as the Greek one. A few hours ago and formally, Israel passed a law that proclaims Israel as a Jewish state, a development that reminds apartheid regime and paves the way for new racist attacks against Arab populations. The attacks, following the NATO-EU summit announcements, as well as the current developments, reflect the escalation of wider rivalries and conflicts of the imperialist centers in the region.

The bloodstained inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, which was accompanied by the murder of more than 130 Palestinians and injury of thousands by Israel, is just the tip of the iceberg. Israel is utilized in US-NATO-Russia competitions to control the wider region to contain Iran. We are here today because we will not become accomplices in the murder of a whole people, such as is the SYRIZA – ANEL government.

We will not become accomplices of this government of the so-called “left” SYRIZA, which considers strategic goal the political, economic and military cooperation with the Israeli killer state. That trains the Israeli fighters in the Greek sky to bomb Gaza. That is refusing to officially recognize the Palestinian state!

It is the government that cuts wages and pensions to the people for benefits to the capital and to buy NATO armaments, amounting to 2% of the Greek GDP.

Like SYRIZA, his brother Die Linke, leading party of the European Left party, yesterday planted trees along with the Israeli settlers in the soil they have stolen from the Palestinians!

Last week, at the NATO summit, along with the other war hawks, they set their planning for the new round of competitions. The new massacre between the US – EU – Russia – China and other regional powers to control the sources of resources, transport routes, markets. For these reasons, the peoples are killed, uprooted, are led to refugee, poverty and misery.

Greek workers, immigrants, Palestinians, we all suffer in one form or another the brutal attack of imperialism. We have the same opponent, the same enemy. We all must give the same answer:

They do not scare us. They will not stop us. They will not subjugate us.

We support the example of the heroic Palestinian people who for so many years does not bend their heads. they resist, struggle, demand, against gods and demons.

We support the little boy with the slingshot against the tank.

The workers we give our answer!

We strengthen the struggle against exploitation against the imperialist war!

No submission to imperialism- The only superpower is the peoples!”