PAME: November 28 Massive and Militant Strike in Greece

PAME welcomes the thousands of strikers in all cities of the Greece, who overcame the pressures and employers’ intimidation in the industries and the workplaces, and the dirt of today’s labor aristocracy and participated in massive strikes of the Regional Trade Union Centers, the Federations and Unions on Nov. 28.

The strike that brought to a stop transports, construction sites, harbors, industries, factories, many private sector work places, as well as the militant and massive strike rallies, is the result of the organized action of thousands of workers, federations, regional trade union centers, trade unions and trade union militants who are rallying with PAME, as well as hundreds of trade unionists who fought on our side for the success of the strike in both the public and private sector.

A battle to strengthen the struggle for increases in wages, pensions, social benefits, to abolish all the barbarous memorandum laws. For the signing of collective agreements. Under the slogan «Our Needs in the Frontline-Not the Profits of the Few», a parallel message was sent to the forces of employers’ and government unionism, which, after having failed to prevent the strike, they tried everything to undermine every attempt of a militant strike, not to have a single strike front. The GSEE and ADEDY (the members of the ETUC in Greece) were once again strike-breakers in their branches. At the same time, they promoted a «list of demands» that is identical to the interests of the employers’ and the government’s aspirations. Not only they did not want the strike but they did whatever they could so as the strike to be unsuccessful. They failed!

We call on all workers in every branch and workplace to escalate our struggle! We are not reconciled in living with crumbs, with the mockery and the pieces of bread that the government is throwing to the workers, while baptizing them «exit from the Memoranda».

We do not go back! We are developing the conflict with capital, with the exploiters, their political servants and their trade union minions. We will move to new mobilizations in the coming days!

Law is the right of the worker and with our struggles can be imposed!

Our needs in the frontline!


PAME Strike Rally in Athens:

PAME Strike Rallies in many cities: