PAME: All In The Struggle For The Success Of The Strike On November 14

The class trade unions of Greece work daily for the success of the strike on November 14. Throughout Greece, National Federations, Regional Trade Unions and Industrial or local Trade Unions are preparing the strike with multiform initiatives, so that the strike on November 8th can be successful, in order to give a unified workers’ response to the anti-peoples’ attack of the government and the capital, in order to boost the struggle of workers for their own modern needs.

The trade unions also have to respond to the position of the trade unionism controlled by the employers and government, such as GSEE-a member of ETUC, which rejected the proposal for National General Strike.

In these conditions, till today decisions to Strike have taken the following trade union organizations:

National Federations:

National Federation of Construction Workers of Greece

National Federation of Textile Workers

National Federation of Press and Printing Workers

National Federation of Workers in Pharmaceutical Industries

National Federation of Workers in Food and Drinks Industries

National Federation of Accountants

National Federation of Workers’ Associations in the Ministry of Agriculture

National Federation of Employees’ Associations of Decentralized Administrations of Greece

Regional Trade Unions:

Regional Trade union of Lamia

Regional Trade union of Thesprotia

Regional Trade union of Northern Dodecanese

Regional Trade union of Larissa

Regional Trade union of Lefkada

Regional Trade union of Lavrio

Regional Trade Union of Arta

Regional Trade union of Piraeus

Regional Trade union of Samos

Regional Trade union of Agrinio

Regional Trade union of Zakynthos

Regional Trade union of Ioannina

Regional Trade union of Kefalonia – Ithaca

Regional Trade union of Naoussa

Regional Trade union of Patras

Also, more than 60 Industrial, local and National Trade Union Organizations have decided to participate in the Strike of November 8.

Photos of the action of the trade unions for the preparation of the National General Strike