WFTU: International Action Day in Greece on October 3 – PAME: Call for General Strike on November 8 in Greece

On Wednesday, October 3rd, the International Day of Action of the WFTU in Greece took place with Strikes of the Public Sector workers in defense of their rights of social security, the inclusion of more professional categories in the category of dangerous and unhealthy occupations, and the reduction of the retirement age limit.
The Trade Unions, with the flags of the WFTU, the TUI Public Services of the WFTU and PAME, also noted the need to fight for Public Services free for all the people and called for participation in the International Action Week of the TUI PS of the WFTU on 22-28 October. Demonstrations took place in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities in Greece.
Call For General Strike On November 8
On Wednesday, September 26, The Executive Secretariat of PAME, discussed on the escalation of the worker’s struggle and decided to call a General Strike. The Executive Secretariat of PAME also discussed on the measures and actions needed for the success of the strike.

The Executive Secretariat of PAME calls every trade union, every worker in all sectors in Greece, to participate in the General Strike on the 8th November and to organize the discussion in all workplaces on how the working class should fight against the policies imposed by the government and the employers. The trade union leaderships must organize the struggle in every sector, every working place, every region, they must take initiatives for the preparation of the strike.

The time has come for the workers to rise up. It’s time for us to have a coordinated struggle. Workers cannot bear any more tolerance or waiting. We have to respond to the lies and illusions we are told by the government of SYRIZA-ANEL and Nea Dimokratia, the leading party of the opposition. No one else can solve our problems in our place. Problems created by the anti-people policies of the governments, since the beginning of the crisis, unless we organize massive, decisive struggles under the slogan:


Only the power of massive, class struggle can give hope, determination and prospect for a better future. We call the workers to support the forthcoming mobilizations that the Trade Unions in many sectors have scheduled.

2, October, 24hour Strike of Home Care and Nursing Workers

3, October, WFTU International Action Day – Strike in The Public Sector

4, October, The National Federation of Workers in Bottled Drinks in Northern Greece, against the prosecution of trade unionists in Coca-Cola.

4, October, Rallies of Pensioners in many Greek cities.

5, October, Strike of Doctors in Public Hospitals, who demand rises at their salaries

10, October, rally of Workers in Public Health Sector who demand recruitment of new personnel

We demand:

  • Restoration and obligatoriness of the Collective Contracts. Restoration of Minimum wage. Collective Agreements must apply to all workers regardless their condition of employment.

  • Raises in the salaries, pensions and social benefits.

  • Prohibition of auctions for the workers’ homes. Cancellation of the law that allows the auctioning of homes, due to debts owed to banks and the State.

  • Cancellation of all anti-social security laws

  • Infrastructure and means of protection for the people. Flood-control, antiseismic and fire-protection measures and projects, right now.

  • No participation in imperialist interventions and wars, outside the Greek borders. No participation in the slaughterhouses of NATO and the E.U. All foreign military bases and facilities must close now. Throw NATO out of the Aegean and the Balkans.