GREECE: Great Strike of February 18 Militant Response to the Government

Massive Strike Response – Thousands take the Streets

PAME and the class unions of Greece gave a massive and militant response to the employers and the Government with thousands of workers going on Strike and taking the streets, Tuesday 18th February, in more than 60 cities all over Greece.

The working class of Greece demanded Free-Public Social Security for all and cancelation of the antiworkers’ bill of the Government that privatizes Healthcare and Social Security.

From midnight workers all over Greece formed picket lines and stopped production. In Athens all public transport was stopped. Metro, trains, buses, ships, all stopped.

The workers then came to the strike demonstrations, with participation of thousands of workers. In the demonstrations PAME welcomed international solidarity from unions from many countries and expressed solidarity with the upcoming strike of the workers of France.

PAME in its statement noted:

“Thousands of strikers across Greece on February 18, overcame the provocations by the government, intimidations by the employers in addition to GSEE’s efforts to break the strike with open support to the government. GSEE (ETUC member in Greece) with this stance wrote some of the darkest pages in trade union history of Greece

The workers in thousands participated in the strike rallies in more than 60 cities all over Greece and especially in the strike rally in Athens. With their massive participation, the workers send their message to the Government that they do not allow the destruction of Social Security that transforms social security from a right, to a commodity.

PAME calls all trade unions to escalate the fight with all forms, all over the country, to prepare new, big response for the withdrawal of the Guillotine-Bill against Social security.

The slander by the Government and its ministers failed.

The Government believed that because they agreed with GSEE not to call for any actions that the workers would not respond, that their antiworkers’ measures would be imposed without reactions. They failed. The strike-breaking mechanism of GSEE did not succeed. We condemn the intervention of the Government inside the trade unions. The agreements of the Government with the GSEE leadership will not be allowed.

PAME calls all union organizations to new demonstration on February 25 in Athens against the intervention and the presence of the employers and the Government inside the trade unions.”