WFTU: ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) shows itself collaborating with those against the working class

Once again it has become clear who and for what purpose the ITUC serves:

And now, as usual, anyone can reach this conclusion by simply reading the ITUC´s own documents, just in case any doubts may arise.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, last April 26th the G20 held one of its meetings (this time virtually). It didn’t take more than 24 hours for the ITUC to release a statement in which it declared that “The G20 summit shows global leadership.”

It is true that the so called G20 is one of the lobbies that for a long time has played an essential role in deciding both the present and the future of the whole planet. It is also true that its decisions have always been made only in order to protect and fulfil the interests of World Capitalism. Now, in this particular occasion, the ITUC, even without any previous consultation among its rank and file (maybe knowing that their affiliated members would consider things in the opposite way) has immediately showed its compliance with the G-20 in what brings new evidence of its lack of internal democracy.

It is not possible that the G-20 echelons may be congratulated by any union, since their only task (that of the G-20) is the defence of entrepreneurs and employees all over the world so they can go on with the never ending exploitation of the working class, so that the transnational companies continue to enrich themselves as these are the ones that control capitalist governments whose electoral campaigns are always ready to finance.

Through its statement of March 27th, followed by a new statement released only three days later, the ITUC makes it clear that for them nothing like class struggle exists. However, daily reality denies that assumption. Yes, there is always class struggle for the grassroots members of the unions adhered to ITUC (CCOO and UGT in the Spanish state) no matter what their leaders, those privileged, well paid who betray the working class,  may think, say or.

It is not surprise that ITUC´s leaders are always treated on a very friendly manner by the world employers and other lobbies as the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Please see the picture below showing the embrace of the ITUC General Secretary, Sharan Burrow, with the former IMF´s President, Christine Lagarde.

Just this picture should be a more than fair reason to deprive Sharan Burrow of her post as General Secretary of ITUC. He fact that nothing like this have happened – she wasn´t even reprimanded by organization members – clearly shows that all ITUC´s leader are, at least, in very good terms with capitalists exploiters.

We are not going further in our critics to the above-mentioned statement; just to underline one of its major sentences: “We congratulate G-20 for its common compromise with an unprecedent economical stimulus”.

In other words, the ITUC is aware that exploitation will continue, and welcomes it!

What steps has the G20 taken? What measures have capitalist governments taken?

All capitalist governments and transnational organizations, starting with the G20, are taking special measures that only work in order to favour the savage restructuring of Capitalism now under way. Among these governments we must include the Spanish one, called itself “progressive” by some of its members while others dare trying to deceive us by calling it a “left-wing” government;  the right parties calls it a “communist” government…

For the time being (no further measures can be discarded) this is a brief summary of the measures taken:

1) Guarantees to the bank system that all their money contributions will have full security of recovering them, increased with their usurious interests.

2) It is all easy for companies to fire those they want, in order to restructure their workforces, eliminating veteran workers who had fixed contracts and the best salaries so they can be easily replaced – when times comes – by younger workers whom won´t be hired indefinitely (thanks to the social pacts signed by the unions affiliated to the ITUC).

3) Suspension of labour rights and guarantees, theoretically only on a temporary basis, in order to, after the pandemic, exploit workers again as if there were no collective agreements (in recent years, employers have been failing to comply with what was agreed in collective bargaining, supported by yellow unionism: that of social agreement, which betrays workers).

4) New and improved capacity for negotiation (which is materialized by the reduction of important labour achievements that have been in force until now) to yellow unionism, even in the workplaces where the workers refused to elect them as their representatives, using for this purpose agreements of a broader scope that nullify previous conquest and rights reached through with great struggles in companies in the same sector.

5) Concerning the current quarantine period, they give the employers the chance to called this time as “non-pay vacation” that workers, in spite of it’s unexpected nature, are obliged to rectitude to their enterprises on employer’s demand during the present year (what a vacation!).

6) Through the massive introduction of “teleworking”, that is, the obligation to work from home, entrepreneurs are suddenly saving most of all company expenses:  premises, electricity, heating, cleaning services, computers and other technical hardware and software, telephone lines and Wi-Fi, etc.. Apart from this obvious advantages, it means that this new way of working from home decisively contributes to the isolating of workers to hinder their collective demands. In short, trying to return to the initial stage of Capitalism in which neither unions nor trade union rights existed.

7) It is important to underline the increasement of the role given to the army as an instrument of population control, with authoritarian and undemocratic rules and actions. This enhancement of army´s prerogatives comes from the assumption that due to the training and the special outfit provided to its ranks (those designed to face a chemical and / or a bacteriological  war) the army is more suited to protect the population, without accepting that  military expenses are enormous and should progressively be reduced to zero (dissolving the genocidal NATO).

8) All government offices, both national and local, continue to pay huge sums to Private Health, instead of nationalizing it so that only Public Health System may exist, as it exists in socialist countries; countries that up to this moment have shown how to solve the pandemic better than the capitalists, while also being the most supportive.

None of these measures have been denounced by the ITUC or its affiliated unions.

Who benefits from these measures that the ITUC describes as “economic stimulus”?

It is clear that it is not the working class that benefits.

Instead, Capitalism will be able to overcome its new internal crisis, systemic and cyclical, with this bacteriological pandemic, provoked or not. Someday we will know if it was a test of a new weapon and if they have lied us or not, as when a  thunderous claim on supposed and non-existent Iraq’s  “weapons of mass destruction” justified the entry of NATO troops into the Middle East, only to spread destruction, toppled Sadam Hussein and  to steal their wealth.

Already at the Davos Summit, held in January this year, it was clear that Capitalism was once again going to face a brutal crisis. And this Summit, once again, was not neither noticed, nor denounced by the ITUC. On the contrary it was applauded, as the G20 decisions have just been applauded now.

We ended up calling the working class, including the grassroots members of the unions members of the ITUC, to denounce those who repeatedly betray them, to abandon these unions (which little by little, in recent years, have been losing membership) , and to join the class unionism. The great, successful General Strike, called in Italy by the USB union (affiliated to the WFTU) last March 25th (against the decisions of the capitalist leaders of that country) clearly shows that class unionism is, as always It has been, the only instrument capable of defending workers from capitalist exploitation.

To resume, now is time to ask for the Nationalization, and conversion into public services of every activity under the control of transnational enterprises, starting with Health System.

Now is the time to start burying Humanity’s destructive Capitalist System.

Now is the time to build Socialism.

April 2, 2020.

Committee of the WFTU of the Spanish state