We denounce the Fascist Attack of ITUC-ETUC against Federations and Trade Unions that rally with PAME

With a provocative, disgraceful press release, copy of the announcement of the leader of the Fascist Golden Dawn, the ETUC and ITUC are attacking the militant trade unionists of Greece, who fight all these years against the memoranda and the anti-people’s measures, calling them “thugs”!

In a common statement the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC-CES) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-CSI), the servants of the multinationals, of NATO and EU inside the trade union movement, they call the dozens of delegates at the Congress of the Confederation of Greek Workers, the presidents of Federations, of Regional Trade Unions and Trade Unions of Greece “thugs” and they call the entering of the elected representatives into the Congress area an «invasion»!!!

This ETUC-ITUC Press Release is so provocative that even the trade union mafia of GSEE tried to hide in the Greek translation these specific expressions!

For them, democracy is obviously the exclusion of those who disagree with them! Their Democracy is the one that uses armed henchmen and is supported by the fascists of the Golden Dawn. Their Democracy is Trade Union Congresses with Employers, state forces of repression, the Secret Police, but without workers!!!

(And here are photos from the “army” that the representatives of ETUC and ITUC in Greece, brought in the Congress of the Federation of Private Employees of Greece.)

The attack, the insults and the defamation against elected trade unionists of Greek Workers is proof of their role. ETUC and ITUC want to maintain in the leadership of the Confederation of Greek Workers a trade union mafia and therefore they want to exclude the second biggest list (which is DAS, Democratic Militant Alliance) from the Congress of the Confederation and they call them “Stalinist Faction”!!! ETUC and ITUC reproduce lies and slander that the NAZI Golden Dawn is using against the class-oriented trade unions. Even more, they reproduce the fascist call for repression and persecution against militant Greek trade unionist.

ITUC may have changed its name but they follow the same practices as ICFTU, that in Greece in order for GSEE to affiliate ICFTU, they murdered the elected General Secretary of GSEE, Mitsos Paparigas, they exiled and imprisoned the leadership that was elected with 80% and they organized a “Congress” with the USA Ambassador to impose their plans.

ETUC and ITUC along with the EU and IMF and the trade union mafia in the leadership of GSEE supported with all means the imposition of anti-workers measures and memoranda in Greece.

  • ITUC in their Congress on 2010 had as a key speaker the Prime Minster of Greece, who imposed the 1stmemorandum
  • In the 2015 referendum in Grece, the GSEE trade union mafia, supported by ETUC-ITUC, called on workers to accept the 3rdEU-IMF Memorandum
  • They also co-signed the cut of the minimum wage by more than 30%, they accepted the destruction on workers’ rights.
  • 40 years after the Military Dictatorship, they brought back the State Repression Forces inside the trade unions and received the congratulations and support of the murderers, fascists of the Golden Dawn!

ETUC-ITUC announcement is a disgrace for every Worker, every honest Trade unionist! It is a raw violation of the independence of national trade unions and blatant intervention in the internal affairs of a trade union.

Even more, it is a direct attack, slander and an insult against elected union officials of the General Council of the Confederation of Workers in Greece and the 2nd bigger list, because they express the line of class struggle and the position that employers cannot be in the workers’ unions.

The class-oriented trade union movement of Greece, but also now many other unions with their own positions and different starting points, express their support in the struggle for Unions of Workers – Not of the Employers.

Every Trade Union, regardless of their political position and orientation, since it is a trade union of workers, must condemn the provocative, new ETUC-ITUC intervention in the internal affairs of the Greek trade union movement.

The attack and the slander against the elected representatives of the Greek workers must be condemned!

The responsibility to take a position and solve the issues in the General Confederation of Greek Workers belongs only to the Greek Workers!