PAME Greece 2 October : Massive Strike Response – The class unions fight for the success of the Strike

The class trade unions of Greece, thousands of workers from all sectors responded to the call of PAME and held a new massive National General Strike on the 2nd of October against the measures of the government that attack wages, Collective Agreements, trade union rights and freedoms and the right to strike

Since early morning, across Greece and in every sector, the trade unions and Federations fought for the success of the strike with militant picket lines outside of factories, banks and other workplaces.

Thousands of strikers across Greece rallied  to defend the right to strike, the right that workers will decide what will be the content of their struggle, what will be their demands, when and how they will fight. With dozens of Strike rallies across Greece they send the message that they will continue the struggle.

With Flags and banners they sent a message against Fascism, Xenophobia and Racism, on the occassion of the International Action Day of WFTU.

At the same time members of PAME carried out a militant protest against the auction of a poor family’s home from the banks. Despite the Government and Bankers’ attempt to attack the workers protest with riot police and chemicals , PAME’s forces blocked the auction.

From the early hours of October 2, class unions throughout Greece have been fighting for the success of the strike at workplaces from Crete to Ioannina, all over the country.

On PAME’s website ( ) there are photos and videos that are constantly updated by PAME’s picket lines throughout Greece.

In factories, hotels, ports, class unions fight to the last minute for the success of the strike and the strike rallies in every city

Everyone in the Strike

Everyone at PAME demonstrations all over Greece

Picket line photos here

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